Cooperative Stabilized Systems

Certain weapon systems require the user's visual and physical capabilities to be integrated with the platform. For example, remote-controlled weapon systems are unsuitable for small boats due to the size of the footprint on the platform, their restrictive cost and the limited situational awareness they provide. Likewise, window, door and ramp weapons integrated aboard helicopters must draw upon the visual and physical capabilities of the operator. For such platforms, operator-controlled solutions (crew-served) are preferred.

In such cases, we come up with mechatronic system solutions that make the weapon feel weightless in the hands of the operator. The solutions we offer ensure that the operator feels neither the weight of the weapon nor the impact of the platform when they hold, manoeuvre and aim the weapon.

The stabilisation and ballistic calculations behind our products allow the weapon to be used much more effectively, and the platform onto which they are integrated becomes much more capable.


Remote Controlled Weapon Systems

We offer weapon system solutions that support operators at every stage of the process, from target detection to firing. Our remote controlled weapon systems are smart support solutions that eliminate the need for the involvement of any personnel other than the operator who will make the final decision. In this context, our systems can:
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