Our Focus is on Supporting the Operator of the Weapon Systems

Integrating weapon systems into platforms in such a way that they can be used effectively by the operator requires a number of challenging problems to be overcome. These include stabilization and the provision of visual and physical support of the operator, thus ensuring the optimum use of the weapon.

Unirobotics strives to design innovative mechatronic systems, recognising that such an approach is the only way to tackle challenging problems.

At Unirobotics, our focus is on developing smart mechanisms that assist and support the weapon system operator.


Why Unirobotics?

Mechatronic systems can only be developed by specialised and innovative companies that possess the necessary expertise, capabilities and infrastructure. Unirobotics has all of these, and strives for constant improvement.

We maintain a unique position in our field of activity due to our comprehensive knowledge of the characteristics of various weapons, our easy access to such weapons and our infrastructures, such as our shooting range. By not having to wait for access to weapons and test infrastructures, we are able to develop effective solutions within a short timeframe and to meet tight project schedules.

We are a young and dynamic company that attaches importance to academic knowledge and R&D, ensuring we can adapt to changes very quickly. We can produce innovative solutions in a short time, while keeping up with both technological developments and changes in user needs.

We can adapt our products to suit various scenarios, and can develop solutions for all end-users who are in need of smart mechanisms that assist and support the operators of weapon systems.


Our Logo

As Unirobotics, we develop pioneering solutions to difficult problems, some of which are firsts in the world, while others are among the initial solutions. Achieving this requires us to work hard, like bees, and this is why we feature a robotic bee in our logo.

The red sting of the bee symbolises the Turkish flag – as a Turkish company, we aim to serve our country directly, while also representing it in the international market in the best way possible.



As we complete our projects and present our final products, we carry our quality system one step further. Simultaneously, we are continuing in our efforts to obtain the certifications and documentation that are vital in our sector.


Our Ethical Values

Since we work with firearms, we carry out all our activities considering the consequences of the misuse of these weapons. Our aim is to develop solutions that provide people with continuous support in all areas, and while developing our solutions, we always prioritise safety, security and reliability.

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