Why Unirobotics?

Mechatronic Systems

Mechatronic Systems can only be developed by specialised and innovative companies that possess the necessary expertise, capabilities and infrastructure.


We maintain a unique position in our field of activity due to our comprehensive knowledge of the characteristics of various weapons, our easy access to such weapons and our infrastructures, such as our shooting range.


We are a young and dynamic company that attaches importance to academic knowledge and R&D, ensuring we can adapt to changes very quickly.

Support the Operators

We can adapt our products to suit various scenarios, and can develop solutions for all end-users who are in need of smart mechanisms that assist and support the operators of weapon systems.


Product Groups

  1. Stabilized Systems: We combine our knowledge of weapon systems with our expertise in mechatronics, software and hardware to offer optimised and effective solutions.
  2. Smart Weapon Systems We develop solutions that, when integrated with pistols and rifles, turn them into “smart weapons” (IoT weapons).

Human Resources

We attach great importance to every CV that lands on our table, and all job interviews are conducted with the participation of our senior executives.

News & Events

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